movement within

Kiddo’s rockin’ and rollin’ this morning…kind of wish that it would lead to something other than my discomfort and some back pain…like, say, labor and contractions. Seriously. Make your way toward the exit door. I know I’m still 2 days from my due date and I know that the kid will be evicted this week because I’ve got a scheduled induction on Wednesday morning…but I’d be more than happy to have the kid pop out before then, honestly, because I’m about over and done with this bodily discomfort. I’m tired of carrying this weight around with me all day and all night. I’d like the opportunity to feel my body again, to be able to put socks on without feeling like a retard and having to ask for help…to actually wear shoes that tie…to sit down and know that I can easily stand back up. Being top/front heavy has gotten old.

Soon enough I suppose, soon enough. I sometimes think that the movements are the child taunting me, or perhaps the child just enjoying his/her environment for a few more days as well before I start to meddle in their life. That’s probably it. Just enjoying some quality alone time as much as I have been these last few days.



2 thoughts on “movement within

    • Thanks:) Apparently I’m making up for the fact that I didn’t write as much as I wanted to in the last 9 months…leave it to NaBloPoMo to kind of force my hand a little and perhaps get me back in the habit, as least as long as I’m on maternity leave.

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