work-related dreams

Last night I dreamt that I went into the office today…on the production calendar, today’s a pretty busy day and would typically involve wrangling up last minute stuff and putting out a few fires. In my dream, everything was being done wrong…deadlines and e-mails were being ignored and protocol was not being followed. I remember my blood pressure rising and my tone of voice getting more intense. So apparently even though I feel that I’ve done a great job this week letting go of work, it’s still alive and kicking in my subconscious…

I look forward to this time next week when I’m positive that my mind will be occupied by the tiny new being in my life and my dreams will be more about his/her health and happiness than about deadlines and the lack of respect for them that exists in my career-related life.


In other news, I’m growing more and more uncomfortable by the day. The amount of time I can spend actually active during the day has decreased daily this week, and I don’t like feeling limited in what I can and can’t do…but I’ll get my body back to myself soon enough. Can’t believe that a week from today I will be a mother. Can’t believe that this is actually almost over and the next adventure is about to begin. This whole thing continues to be one surreal dream.


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