time stands still

I had heard that when you get to this last week or so of pregnancy that time just kind of stands still, and it’s not that I didn’t believe it when people told me this…but nothing prepares you for how much time REALLY does just stop. And in this limbo stage, I’m supposed to be enjoying the last moments of my life as just myself and my husband and my dog…the last moments of peace I’ll get for some time to come…and all I can really think about is what comes next.

It’s a lot less about not being present/living in the moment and a lot more about the fact that I’ve been present for the last 39 weeks. I’ve been aware of my body and the time of day and what was going on around me, the rising and setting of the sun, the growing of the grass, the dreaminess of my husband’s blue eyes and the cuddliness of my 4-legged fur child.

I’m ready now. Ready as I’ll ever be, more ready than I have been. In some ways not working this week is kind of bad as work had provided me with some semblance of a distraction for a few hours a day, but at the same time it’s better that I’m having this time to finalize preparations, clean the house, get things taken care of that will be difficult to do in the coming weeks and months with a newborn in tow.

But seriously, little dude/dudette in there, if you can hear me…feel free to come out at any time. My body’s no longer enjoying this. My mind can’t really think about too much else. We’re ready for you.


2 thoughts on “time stands still

  1. we are TOTALLY ready to meet the little dude/dudette 🙂 I have my phone ringer on at all times and I’m ready to hear it ring any day now 🙂

    thinking of you daily…

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