so very close, yet so far…

If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be waddling around 37 weeks pregnant I’m not sure I would’ve believed you. But, here I am…technically to term and about as comfortable as can be expected when one is walking around carrying a watermelon on the inside…a very active watermelon at that.

I’m not sure what I expected all of this to feel like or what sort of emotions I thought I’d have throughout this entire process. I don’t think anything I’ve felt or thought has quite fit the mold of the stereotypical pregnant woman, at least by popular media definition. I haven’t been overly emotional or irrational or craving bizarro foods. I haven’t been obsessed with nesting or cooing over baby-related objects. I haven’t had strange dreams involving the child to be. I kind of feel like a visitor in my own body lately, moving about with some difficulty knowing that I’m only 3 weeks from resuming somewhat normal operations.

3 weeks from yesterday we have a scheduled induction
3 weeks from today I will be a mother.
3 weeks from today I will know the sex of my child.
3 weeks from today my life will be totally different.

Am I ready for all of this?

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