reality. bites.

While I’m still struggling with camera issues, I’m happy to be back in the land of daily routine once more. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 4 working days in the past two weeks but was beginning to feel somewhat lethargic, not to mention whale-like, after manning the couch cushions for more hours in the past 5 days than I’d care to admit. I’ve learned in the first 4 days of 2009 that I’m quite capable of finding just about anything to occupy my time if I happen to have the remote in my hand, a warm dog curled up beside me, a soft blanket and a beverage within reach. Seriously. I can’t believe I watched 3 straight hours of Sweat Equity on DIY (although I feel like I got some great remodeling ideas for little things we can do around the house).  Yes, it was definitely time to come back to work, push the pencil, feel useful again.

And now for the beginning of the next 361 days of 2009, on to productivity and accountability and preparing for the next phase in life. Time for making lists, not resolutions, but to do lists with items that can easily be crossed off like “sign up for St. Patrick’s Day 8k” or “Contact travel agent re: vacation in March” or “get pregnant, already, would you?” (I didn’t actually write that last one down, it just looms large on my mental to-do list). Little things like that to get me through what I consider to be the most boring time of the year…when the world outside is grey and dead and there’s little excitement to break it all up into digestable chunks of time. Wee bites of reality that can be swallowed with minimal chewing.

Here’s to an exciting, productive and rewarding 2009. May the best days of this year still be ahead.


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