ironing out the kinks in early 2009

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Four days into 2009 and I still haven’t gotten the motivation to start writing again. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this new year just yet…or what sort of promises I want to make to myself as to how to proceed in this next revolution around the sun.

I’ve joined a 365 group on Flickr and will make every attempt to shoot and post one photo a day. So far, four days into this, I’ve managed. My equipment isn’t exactly cooperating with me, however…my primary digital camera, a 2 year old Fuji FinePix V10, has been acting up. Even with a new battery, it’s having a hard time maintaining a charge. I’m thinking there’s a connectivity issue between the DC cord and the actual plug on the camera body that’s a product of wear and tear and how I tend to carry the camera around. I never got around to getting a case for it, so I’m sure it’s taken quite a beating over the past two years. I love the size and ease of this particular camera. It’s pocket sized with a HUGE LCD screen and no viewfinder. It’s image stabilization is fantastic as is the delay in shutter speed, resulting in clear images taken on the fly. With a little fussing, I’ve been able to get it to work for me, but still…in a year where I’m actually trying to take a shot a day, not having the ability to just whip out the camera and capture things as I’m seeing them may become a hinderance.

Enter a few of my older digicams. Purchased in 2005, the FujiFilm S3100 has a much larger body and a seemingly slower shutter speed making my typical style of photography a little difficult. It’s a 4 mega pixel camera with 6x optical and a electronic view finder as well as a small, postage-sized stamp LCD. The zoom is what drew me to this camera in the first place and I’d forgotten what a nice feature it can be. It takes 4 AA batteries as opposed to having a recharchable Lithium Ion battery, which makes keeping it powered up slightly easier on the road. I’ll most likely be alternating between my smaller, nicer camera that I’ll tote with me and the older, clunkier one that I’ll leave at home in order to ensure a steady flow of images.

So I suppose I have made a resolution of sorts…a goal for 2009, in joining and participating in this attempt at taking 365 images. I actually look forward to the chance to set myself free in pursuit of imagery…knowing that I need to take pictures as opposed to letting events dictate the need for capturing the moment. Every day is, in fact, a moment worth capturing. It’s just a matter of opening your eyes in order to see the beauty in the mundane, to find art in the ordinary. I know I’ve got this in me, now I just need to remember to stop and capture it.

Happy New Year. Open your eyes.


2 thoughts on “ironing out the kinks in early 2009

  1. Sounds like a fun goal for the year. I’m in the process of selecting a new camera and it’s such a daunting task…lol. I picked up a Canon SX 110si last week, but I’m thinking I may go with a Sony cybershot. I like the Canon b/c of the AA batteries, but sometimes it take too long for the flash to charge – and w/ 2 fast kids on the move sometimes I miss a moment. The sony appeals to me b/c of the rechargable battery, but what am I supposed to do when we go camping for a week? I want something compact that I can keep in my purse – who knew chosing a camera could be such a daunting task. (BTW – I’ve missed your blog)

    • A quick point and shoot is essential to capturing priceless moments. This is why I love my FinePix V10…and why I’m annoyed that it’s being fussy. Choosing a camera is a daunting task because you want to make sure you make the right decision, especially considering how much they can cost. A good camera that suits your needs is worth its weight in gold:) As for the rechargable battery…you can get car chargers and spare batteries.
      (BTW – I’ve missed writing)

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