10 makes 9


This past Sunday found me up before the sun, clad in layers of spandex and dry-fit and fleece, donning jingle bells and moisture wicking socks and, of course, my Falcons hat. Who doesn’t love a good 6.2 mile race on a brisk Sunday in December? Running in what would be my 9th race of 2008, I participated in the Jingle all the Way 10K December 14th…absolutely blown away by the fact that I, a smoker of 10 years now 4 years removed, continue to run these nutty races…crossing the finish line each time with a renewed sense of what my body is capable of and an endorphin laced smile on my face. And the sound of 4500 bells ringing as they dashed around Hains Point Sunday morning…music to my ears.

I can’t wait to run my next race some time in early 2009. I’ll keep running on my own in the meantime, on the treadmill and outside on the weekends as weather permits. I’ve actually been giving a lot of thought to joining one of the local running groups so I’d actually have people to run with…exercise is so much more fun when done with someone else, plus, it would give me an opportunity to expand my social circle a little bit, something that gets harder the older I get.


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