So here I’m supposed to find time to write every day in November, a feat I have only achieved once in the past 3 years…I was feeling pretty good about this year, making time each day to write, having a strategy as far as subject matter. Yesterday I blew it. I suppose writing, much like exercise, should be a habit. Something routinely done. Weekends are hard to carve out time but at the same time there’s no excuse for not writing yesterday. I can think of a good two-hour stretch spent sitting on the couch after my run where I could’ve easily whipped out a post involving the letter L. 

Oh well. Just because I now don’t stand a chance at any of the prizes awaiting those who do post every day for NaBloPoMo doesn’t mean I can’t carry on with the alphabet. But today being Sunday, and my fingers being a bit numb from sitting in our back room (man, the temp drop between today and yesterday is insane), I think I’ll just go grab another cup of coffee and ponder how I’m going to finish out the letters L – Z


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