J = 8 points

So this whole alphabet thing…sometimes I find it hard to come up with a word for the day. I mean, it’s great and all knowing I’ve got a starting point, but some letters are better than others. Typically I run ideas through my head before the sun comes up, while walking Miller around 6:10 am. I’m a morning person and a morning thinker…my brain seems clearest when I first awake, before it’s cluttered with to do lists and phone calls and e-mails…

This brings me to the letter J.

My husband and play a decent amount of Scrabble. In fact, we consider ourselves pretty good at the strategy of the game. We even bought a Scrabble dictionary this summer, which has taken our game to a whole new level of dorkdom, not to mention expanded our vocabulary. The one letter that brings me to my knees, however, is J. Especially late in a game, when there’s nowhere to stick it and you’ve got a tray full of consonants. It’s a high-pointer. 8 points to be exact…a letter you’d love to use to spell something using another high-pointer like Z or Q. From time to time I pick up that dictionary in an effort to one up my loving opponent…in an effort to win more. I never think to study the words starting with J more, though. Heck, what I should be doing is researching words that have the letter J within them. I can’t even think of any off the top of my head except for mojo, and I’m not sure that’s even in our dictionary. Perhaps I should set aside a few minutes a day to learn a new J word, and in the process, enhance my Scrabble skills which will surely be tested at Thanksgiving and Christmas among my extended in-laws and my immediate family.


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