G is for good night…

I upgraded to business class on my return flight this morning…for a little extra comfort but mostly so I could be closer to a restroom in the instance I would need to toss my cookies. Feeling a little less than stellar after my weekend in Atlanta in spite of the amazing time I had at the game yesterday. Atlanta always seems to have that effect on me, honestly. I haven’t visited in the last few years without waking up hungover from the experience (and the availability of good beer). When I got back to my house around noon or so, it was all I could do to unpack, tidy up a bit, shower (my god that felt wonderful), eat something light and crash on the couch with the dog. I didn’t wake up until my husband got back from work and am hoping that doesn’t hurt my efforts to get a good night’s sleep tonight as well.  

As always I’d like to thank my former home for its delightful southern hospitality…Atlanta never disappoints me and this trip was no exception. The sheer joy I experienced at that football game yesterday is testament to that. But for now, sleep beckons…at 8:15 pm. Sad old woman I’ve become. Can’t party like I used to, I suppose.


One thought on “G is for good night…

  1. I know that feeling – especially on business trips.

    What happens to our ability to drink and party after we turn 30 and get married?

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