F is for Falcons (of course)


my biggest supporter, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

How very appropriate that the letter F should fall on a football Sunday…and not just any Sunday, but the one where I’m actually going to a Falcons game:).
Some may find it odd to be a fan of a team other than the one from your area, especially when that team has a very loyal and dedicated fanbase due to how storied the franchise is. I was raised in Northern Virginia. I did follow the Redskins growing up. I do now attend 4-5 Redskins games a year…however I didn’t really start following the NFL until the year I graduated from college, the fall I moved to Atlanta.
In 1998, the Atlanta Falcons had a fantastic and exciting season, racking up win after win on the arm of Chris Chandler and the exciting play of Jamal Anderson and Ray Buchanan. The Dirty Birds made it all the way to the Superbowl in Miami that year and I was along for the ride. They had me hooked. Little did I know the 1999 season would be a total bust and that 2007 would find them with their once star QB in prison for dog fighting and dealing with a snake of a college coach who would depart before the season was over. In spite of all this, I hung around. Suffering through losses and exalting in wins, even when they came far and few between.
This season the Atlanta faithful have renewed hope in the arm of a rookie QB who looks 12 and a running back who’s finally out of the shadows of LaDanian Tomlinson. It’s been exciting to watch and I’m thrilled that this afternoon I’ll be taking it in in person, down at the Georgia Dome, a mere 6 rows from the field.
I love me some football, I love the Atlanta Falcons.


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