sunday football, solo style

 Every so often I get the blissful pleasure of watching football by myself on Sunday. This is usually a result of one of my husband’s friends from out of town coming up to attend the Redskins game with him…and seeing as they’re willing to pay for their ticket, who am I to refuse. Enjoying a Falcons game, on the big screen TV, with total control of the remotes, the additional coverage we get through Sunday Ticket SuperFan, including the ability to watch additional games online, and complete occupation of the entire couch, I can kick back and root for my team in comfort. It takes me back to when I lived in Atlanta, the 2002 season, and watching games in my apartment where I could pace in circles from the living room, through the kitchen and back to the couch again, yelling at the TV the entire time. 

So my husband and his friend left for the stadium around 8am Sunday morning, leaving me and the dog to just chill on the couch…enjoy a big breakfast…prep some food for this week and mentally prepare for the games ahead. Around 12:30, I took Miller for a pregame walk, just to make sure he wouldn’t get antsy toward the end of the game. I don’t enjoy managing a whining dog while I’m trying to watch the waning seconds of a tightly contested football game. I got back, whipped up a delicious platter of homemade hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes and pita bread, grabbed a cold Sam Adams Octoberfest and sat down to enjoy the Falcons/Bears game. I hooted and hollered, cursed and cheered, laughed and nearly cried…it was definitely one of the more intense Falcons games that I’ve had the pleasure of watching in some time.

Watching football by myself means enjoying the slightly more girly food that I want to enjoy…high-fiving the dog when my team scores an amazing touchdown and hugging him a little tighter when the game is on the line in the final seconds. And really, what a final 11 seconds that was in that game…I’d have given anything to be in the Georgia Dome for those final moments. So very electric, so very intense. I can’t believe we’ve now won as many games as we did ALL of last season, and it’s only week 6!


One thought on “sunday football, solo style

  1. Oh my goodness. On the same day that your Falcons win with a last-second fieldgoal, my beloved Redskins fall to a team that was previously without a win. What happened?? At least the Cowboys and Giants both lost. I still have to wait 6 days for redemption…

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