maintaining flexibility…

Every Thursday at noon, I step away from my desk for about an hour and attend a yoga class that’s offered downstairs in the fitness center located in my building. I began practicing yoga almost 2 years ago to supplement the other exercise I was doing, to gain flexibility. What I have discovered in the series of stretches, poses and flows that typically occur in class is more than that. Sure, yoga has its physical benefits. Stretching is great for the body and certain poses engage your core muscles, encouraging balance and strength. But what I really discovered was an ability to center myself. To bring myself back down to earth, if only for an hour once a week, regroup, and return to work with a much more flexible sensibility. 

The ability to “be bendy”, as I often refer to yoga class as bendy class, is more than a physical trait. With everything going on in the world right now, it is important to remember to always be flexible. Be open to change. Be grounded and centered in your world but also be able to go with the flow. To remember to breathe, deeply and wholly, in order to provide your brain the oxygen it needs to process all of the comings and goings and economic crises and sales people meltdowns and changes in procedure and…the list goes on and on. I suppose it all boils down to remembering to listen to your body, treat it well and it will return the favor, which you can then reflect as positive energy into the world around you.

Sounds a little on the crunchy side, sure…but there’s a lot of truth to be found in a good, releasing downward dog. 




One thought on “maintaining flexibility…

  1. “Crunchy but true” is the new “Cliche but true”. To be honest, though, it’s very true. I don’t know what it is but my responses to outside stresses recently have shocked me.

    I have always been a very high strung person, or… well, I used to be. I moved out on my own at nineteen and I’ve been all over the place ever since. The situation didn’t really lend itself to being a low stress lifestyle for me.

    Now that so many things seem to be “falling apart” in this world around us, I am finding myself suddenly calm. I don’t think it’s denial. There’s just… so much that it’s actually helping me focus on what’s really important.

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