so many words, so little time…

If I were to use my hands and feet to count how many times I’ve wanted to stop and write in the past week and a half, I would easlily run out of fingers and toes. Work has been more than busy, which I had been expecting, but not to that extent…and the last thing I want to do at the end of a rather long day is sit in front of a computer. I think 10 hours in front of a screen is long enough, don’t you?

Today, being Sunday, finds me in front of the television, enjoying the fact that we have NFL Sunday Ticket, watching the very young, very inexperienced Atlanta Falcons hold their own against the Green Bay Packers, savoring some rather unhealthy, but extremely tasty Buffalo Chicken dip.

I’ve managed to catch a touch of whatever sort of fall cold is going around, courtesy of my husband and my coworkers, so this weekend has me feeling a little run down and out of sorts. This is a bit of a bummer as the weather has been stereotypically DC fall beautiful…seriously, what this area lacks in springtime weather, it makes up for in spades come autumn. 70s, clear, dry…deliciously crisp mornings and perfect sleeping weather. I just wish I was feeling well enough to fully take advantage of it. Nothing is quite like running on a Sunday in the fall in the DC area, at least for me. Being able to burn off a few calories before my typical sunday fare of beer and munchies. Oh well, I’m sure this will be short lived…or at least that’s the mindset I’m trying to maintain.

I do need to make more of an effort to capture the essence of the sometimes mundane, but occasionally interesting  thoughts that go streaming through my head…even if it’s just a brief synopsis. I’ve never been good about fleshing back out the few drafts I’ve got saved here within the confines of wordpress…where I’ve tended to capture bits and pieces of thoughts I’ve had while showering in the morning or commuting in darkness…perhaps it’s time to forgo the whole draft process and just allow unfinished thoughts to have their time in the sun.

Just a thought. Could be a good one, or it could be my cold-ridden, half clogged head thinking.


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