sports chick gone wild…

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I just finished titling, describing and tagging roughly 80 photos in my Flickr account which cover one 2-day weekend (you know, your standard, everyday weekend) and two sporting events. One would think that all I do is attend baseball games, run races, tailgate, go to Redskins games, watch football on TV, dress my dog in football/baseball related gear, harass baseball players for autographs…in other words, one would think that my life is nothing but sports. This is not entirely true, although I’m beginning to realize how much of my summer has been spent chronicling my time at the ballpark and how much of my fall, at least on the weekends, is dedicated to attending, watching and preparing for football–fantasy or otherwise.
Which leads me to pose the question, when did I become sports chick extraordinaire? Is it that I’m finally at a place in my life, financially, where I can afford to attend all the sporting events my little heart desires? Is it that I find attending and watching sports a welcome release from the real world, thus avoiding talk of war, the economy, the environment? Is it that I truly do enjoy the company of men (particularly men in uniforms)…and attending said sporting events gets me that much closer to the action?

Tonight the husband and I will attend our final game this season at Nationals park and root for the home team that is rapidly approaching the century mark, and not in the way you would want them to. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed nearly every moment I’ve gotten to spend at that new ballpark this season in spite of the team’s lackluster record. This is the year that I really started following baseball, the stats, the players, the standings…and actually caring how the team did. I don’t know, maybe my interest in sports is a bit escapist…but is that really so wrong?


One thought on “sports chick gone wild…

  1. I don’t think so. I’m actually getting Patrick into football as it was never his thing before. I wasn’t always the sports fanatic I am today. It just grew over time.

    Aside from the fact that football is just an amazing thing to watch, there can be such a camaraderie about it, whether you’re rivals or fans of the same team. Some of the most fun memories I have are on Sundays… and the occasional Monday, heh.

    I’m just starting to get into Nationals baseball. I went to the new park twice last year and LOVED it. As soon as football is over, I’m going to do a little more educating.

    To answer your question, obviously I don’t think it’s wrong, haha.

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