returning from the land of orange…

, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

Spent a long weekend visiting my parents at their new digs down in the land of the volunteers…It was wonderful to see them and some of the extended family, to soak in a different brand of culture…to observe a different way of life…to marvel at the price of food and beverage in a restaurant from the perspective of someone who’s used to paying more…to watch people go crazy over gas, so much so that stations ran out and prices jumped over $1 in a day…to take in scenery so lush and green that it distracted me from the long, 8-hour drive by myself…to eat fried peach pies and krystal hamburgers…

It’s interesting to see them, their furniture, their “home” in a different house. It definitely feels like they live there, but it will take some getting used to. The oddest thing to me was seeing all of the furniture from my bedroom at their old house placed, almost identically, in a bedroom in their new house. Waking up in this room every morning I had to blink a few times to realize I wasn’t in Oakton anymore.

And now, I’m back in my own world…enjoying another short work week and flying solo while my better half is out of town on business. I haven’t spent much time in our house alone…I don’t remember what it was like to be alone and have to cook for only one…I’m enjoying a little break from routine, but it’s not something I want to get used to.


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