And so it begins…

Five months of sunday routines…waking up, reading the paper, setting my fantasy lineups.

Watching pregame on ESPN while cooking whatever food we’ll be eating later that afternoon.

Hydrating prior to opening the first beer of the day.

Ah, football season is finally upon us:).

Right now, I’m sitting at the bar in the kitchen, the wings are on the grill, the beer is chilling in the fridge…I’m sporting my Falcons hat and I’m ready for some football.

Last season the husband and I recorded a video diary of the NFL season, every sunday’s activities including tailgating, starting with one of the preseason games and ending with the pro bowl. He edited and scored the footage into a 1.5 hour documentary. We enjoyed the process so much, we’re doing it again. It’s hard not to pre-produce segments, though. Last season just seemed so natural. The events of what ended up being a really eventful season just unfolded, week by week. I think it’ll be hard to top last year, but it will be fun trying.

I’m not entirely sure why I enjoy football season so much. It could be that every game seems to count that much more…it could be all of the action and the pace of the game (although I’m having a hard time adjusting to so much contact after following baseball so closely this summer). It could just be the men in tight pants with bulging muscles…all I know is, I love football. I like going to games, I like watching games, I love planning and preparing a good tailgate and theming meals around whatever team is playing the Redskins that week (when I go to games).

Cheers to Sundays:) Go Falcons.


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