say good-bye to sundays…

Tonight marks the beginning of the next 5 months of my life…the NFL season begins tonight and, as my husband is a Skins fan since birth, it’s kind of like a household holiday. He was actually quite disappointed last night to see that there wasn’t hours of pre-game coverage, even on ESPN. I suppose we can blame the RNC for that (and the 7pm start time that is going to make getting dinner on the (coffee) table a bit difficult).

And so begins 17 weeks of Sundays on the couch or upstairs if my Falcons happen to be playing at the same time as the Redskins. Much beer to consume. Several tailgate feasts to plan. The air is ripe with optimism and the promise that every team is undefeated. Every team has the opportunity to go to the superbowl (yes, even the Atlanta Falcons). 

Tonight I’ll be heading home, firing up the grill, heating up the pizza stone and throwing together a little salami, red pepper and fresh mozzarella pizza…because football and pizza go together (and I’d rather put a little bit of a gourmet spin on it). What I’m really looking forward to is Sunday and the other 14 games…and a nice plate of wings (slow grilled, of course). God bless NFL Sunday ticket:). We’d be spending entirely too much time in a bar if we didn’t have it.


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