to put it all in perspective…

This morning I attempted to wash my face with shampoo and wash my hair with Aveeno foaming facial cleanser.

I must be tired or mindless or I don’t even know what.

How is it that I consistently stayed up until 11pm or later nearly every night last week and for some reason this week is giving me fits in spite of the fact that it’s a shorter work-week.

Old age catching up with me? Lack of exercise over the long weekend bringing me down? I’m hoping that with it being September I can get back into a solid routine of running, weight training, yoga and other assorted cardio activities. The fall always causes me to fall…off the wagon of healthy living and eating. Football season brings much beer on Sundays and the strange instinct to bulk up for the winter…I’ll be damned if I’m going to start 2009 with 10 pounds to shed again…unless the weight is from some other source, of course.

I’m thinking I need to challenge my brain a little more than I have been lately. August tends to cause me to veg out a little more…I purchased and received 3 books in August. Perhaps it’s time to actually sit down and read something longer than a Sports Illustrated article? I attempted to read at the beach but found my ability to focus for longer than 5 minutes was somewhat lacking. Too much sun. Too much sand. Too much stimulation from mother nature. I used to be such an avid reader when I was younger. I don’t think that habit would be too hard to get back into. The first step is turning the page.


I suppose that’s what heading into fall really is about. Change. Shedding one’s leaves in preparation for winter…starting fresh, but wiser than in the spring…Or maybe I just need more sleep.


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