delegation of delegates

thoughts of politics and delegates have taxed my mind in recent days. 

staying up to watch CNN’s convention coverage has rendered me incapable of forming complete sentences, or at least incapable of transferring my accounts and thoughts of everything I’ve watched from my brain to the keyboard and out into the internet.

I wonder at what point in my life I realized that I enjoy following all of this political “hoo-hah”. Could it be that there’s nothing else worth watching at this point in the summer, being that my baseball team is often painful to watch and pre-season football is both pointless and often frightening with all of the injuries that seem to pile up during meaningless competition.

So I find myself, being told by CNNHD that I am Awaiting Bill Clinton Speech. Being reminded that in the 9 o’clock hour I will find myself entranced by the oratory prowess of Bill Clinton, and speakers John Kerry and Bill Richardson.

Watching this room full of hyper-excited, crazily attired Democrats, bobbing and swaying, dancing and spinning to interlude music, cheering and clapping and waving flags and banners, completely unaware that they might be filmed and shown in HD in all their insane political frenzy…it’s high entertainment. It is, in my opinion, uniquely American…and it is definitely getting me pumped for November.


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