smile., originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

it’s Friday…do the happy dance.
This week has presented me little opportunity to stop and write.
The vast majority of my brain waves have been occupied with an overwhelming quantity of changes at work, changes now, changes coming, and the prep work that goes with it all.
After a long day, it’s all I can do to unwind by whipping up a fantastic meal, grab a seat, and relax for an hour or so before hitting the sack.
These have been long and trying days, and my body’s feeling it.
I can’t wait to sleep past 6 tomorrow.

One thought on “smile…

  1. Beth your suffering from what I call I need a vacation after my vacation disease.

    Go home tonight…pick up some take-out on the way, eat, have a drink then watch some stupid corny film, enjoy a few laughs, and then pass out.

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