each day brings another breath.

As I returned to work on Monday, refreshed and ready to go after a relaxing week-long vacation, I had little idea that I’d soon be busier than I’d been in quite some time. In spite of the fact that I now have an assistant, which I’d be curled up in a little ball crying if I didn’t, I’ve been asked to, or rather I kind of volunteered to, take on a fairly complicated project. It’s not overly taxing from a creative standpoint. More of a tedious, research based, digging through multiple archives kind of thing. It’s deadline oriented. It’s a lot larger in scope than I care to think about. It’s kind of stressing me out on the inside. 

Each morning since I became aware of this project, I greet the day with a smile. I inhale, I exhale, I place one foot in front of the other and move forward. It is, after all, only a job. Unfortunately right now it appears that my job is taking over any small amount of free time I’m used to having. I’m still making time for myself, going to the gym, attending yoga…but in return I’m having to work additional hours. At the end of the day, I’m dragging sadly down to my car, completely spent and not wanting to even touch my computer when I get home…not entirely sure when I’ll do any fantasy football scouting between now and 3pm on Saturday when our draft is (which I know will endear me to the other members of my league who have significantly fewer picks than I do).

I suppose the point of all of all this jibber jabber this morning is a note to myself. 

Remember that each day brings another breath. Each day is another day on this planet to do what we’re meant to do. Don’t forget to find the time to enjoy the little things like the love of a dog or the love from your husband…a free beer from the gay man sitting next to you at the bar while you’re waiting for your take out…the beautiful long blue shadows on the top deck parking garage across the way as you’re still sitting at your desk at 7pm. Life is full. You are happy. Don’t let the little things get to you. Digest in small bites. Fractionalize if necessary in order to make this all easier to get through. Screw “big picture” at this point, it will only make your head spin. You will get through this. You’ve always gotten through it. That’s why you’re still here after nearly 10 years.



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