something so familiar…

It’s already starting to be darker in the mornings when I’m walking Miller. The air, at least in the past few days, is not nearly as thick and warm as in previous months.

My attention span for certain men in certain uniforms is waning in favor of larger men in tighter pants moving a little more quickly and throwing a larger ball.

Recipes I find myself reading involve heavier meats and more intense spices. Craving chile verde, venison and sausage chili, buffalo chili…I’m planning my tailgating menus in spite of the fact that I won’t be attending a game until September 21.

I suppose this happens to me every year, post August 12…my pendulum swings autumnal and I feel the need to let summer go in spite of the fact that I’m producing a bumper crop of tomatoes in my garden.

All in due time will the equinox approach. A little over a month from now I’m sure I’ll long for the week at the beach and the boys of summer. But right now I’m ready to move on.


(Thanks to Phil for pointing me in the direction of…and helping me to unlock my brain just a little bit this morning.)


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