vacation redux

Back in town, still recovering from a most relaxing week at the beach. Not entirely sure how to put into words how wonderful of a vacation it was…how truly fortunate I am to have married into the family that I did…how I really enjoyed getting to know folks better that typically get overshadowed by all of the noise and going on at Thanksgiving.
What can be said, is that much seafood was consumed, including a rather delicious Low Country Boil on my birthday and tasty crabs on our last night there…much beer was consumed, almost exclusively of the Miller Lite variety. I finally discovered the secret to spending all day on the beach (for me anyhow) is to have the tailgating tent handy. Hello instant cabana. Pringles are always delicious. Paper towels can be used quite effectively as coffee filters. “That’s what she said” hasn’t gotten old yet. The power of the ocean is something to be taken fairly seriously. Sunscreen, when applied more than once, is incredibly effective. Scrabble is a great game to get your day going. Some people are never going to talk as much as you would expect them to, others will talk more than you ever imagined. The key is getting to something they want to talk about.
If you’d told me a week ago that I’d come home tanned, not sunburnt, and ready to face the real world again, I may not have believed you. But here I am. Ready to go back to work, reinspired and rejuvinated.
’nuff said.


One thought on “vacation redux

  1. Can we possibly do this beach trip four times a year? And just think if I had phrased the question ‘Can we do it four times a year?’ I could have followed with a “That’s what she said.”

    Great hangin with you and Chris as always, and looking forward to next year!

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