is it time to renew my poetic license?

In searching for some beach reading (or any reading for that matter) among the stacks and stacks of books that we own, I stumbled upon an old journal…from the summer of 1996. So not that old, until I stop and realize that 1996 was 12 years ago…jeez where does the time go.

Anyhow…I came across a poem I wrote, frantically scribbled toward the rear of the small, pocket-sized journal. No date appears and the style of handwriting doesn’t seem to be any different than my handwriting today. But seeing as everything else in this book is from 96, I’ll just put it at somewhere in that year to early 1997. I took a few poetry courses in college and had been writing for most of my life up to that point. I wonder where that part of my brain has wandered off to, because from what I was reading, I had a knack for this stuff…at least in my opinion.

I was sitting on the couch downstairs, reading this somewhat rough verse, and it caused me to remark (out loud none the less). “Huh. That’s some good shit.” 

So, without further ado…I present (from the mouths of babes) Untitled (like I said, it appeared to be a work in progress)


Trapped in that moment
before standing upright
blood rushing to toes
from heads not quite
ready to support logic.
I cling to sheets, roll
gracefully in your
general direction,
a heat seeking movement
as if to deny the
appearance of the sun 
through that 2-inch
gap in your shade.

(Parenthetically romantic
the way you wrap yourself
around me) 


3 thoughts on “is it time to renew my poetic license?

  1. Like I said Beth… you got talent for writing. Maybe you should think about writing instead of graphic arts? I dunno tho, I have seen your writing skills and not your graphic skills…. hey there’s an idea make a blog showing us reader’s your “work”?

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