a little definition…

I’ve always thought of myself as a multi-faceted person. There are many, many aspects to my life, my personality, the little things that make me, ME. Lately, however, I’ve begun to feel a little like a broken record. The topics that I deem interesting enough to write about (or apparently that I can recall enough about by the time I get around to writing) are running and work and baseball…and there’s so much more to me than that. 

I’m an enigma (not really), wrapped in a riddle (easily solved), wrapped in bacon (mmmm…bacon)

I’m everything and anything, my range of knowledge is broader than I let on. Get me started talking about something and chances are, I’ll talk your ear off.

I need new material. Something more to write about than the fact that the Nats swept the Reds this weekend or that I’m taking two weeks off from running after encountering pretty substantial pain after last weekend’s 5K, or that work is going swimmingly right now. 

I need to write about the first jazz tune I ever got turned on to, where I was sitting, how the sun was filtering through the blinds…what I was sipping on and in whose company I was. I need to write about the little details that are part of my makeup, that are part of what I draw from when I create, when I construct a sentence. I’m constantly disappointed by the number of more relevant and interesting posts I concoct on a daily basis in my head only to never have them quite get here…I need to put forth more effort. I need a waterproof voice recorder so that when I’m in the shower and my best thoughts and ideas come to me, I can capture them, bottle them, put them aside for a time when I can actually write and expound and express.

I’m apparently having a bit of diarrhea of the brain which is trickling down to my fingertips. So much I want and seemingly need to accomplish on a personal level as far as expression and I’m incapable of doing it right now. I’m feeling the need to fully delve into a description of who I am and I’m sure this is largely due to the fact that I turn 32 in a week + day. Typical.

Maybe all I need is an afternoon snack. A hot fudge sundae should fix all of this…what do you think?


3 thoughts on “a little definition…

  1. I’m willing to allow for the possibility that a hot fudge sundae would fix everything. For experimental purposes, please make me one, too.

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