to the Phillies fans…

I’m aware that my baseball team sucks, really, I am…but are you aware that you’re at a baseball game? Not a football game? Seriously, the Eagles chant…are you aware of what sport you’re watching? Are you that thick in the head to think that chanting for the craptacular Eagles before, during and after a baseball game will make a difference in how your NFL team performs? Can you even spell Eagles? Because to me, it always seems like you’re one vowel short of the correct spelling. “E-G-L-E-S — Egles…”. Or maybe spelling while intoxicated just shouldn’t be attempted.

I suppose it doesn’t matter, really, when your MLB team sits atop the NL East. I get that you’re good. Really, I do. I get that as a Nats fan, I’m cursed to spend the season hoping that we don’t sustain any more injuries and that, if I’m lucky, they’ll win a game here and there. I’m accepting of my lot in life. All I’m asking is to properly root for the team you’re watching. I don’t feel that’s too much to ask. Thanks and enjoy the game.


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