feelin’ the flow…

I’ve been told, by my husband, in the past few days that I seem much more at ease. That I seem like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. Now, I’m not sure that ALL of that weight is gone, but I’m definitely feeling a little lighter, a little more sane…and I’m sure that he’s enjoying having a happy wife. 

Things are working out well here at the office with my new officemate, and this makes me happy. I look forward to coming to work in the morning. I look forward to sharing all that I know about what I do, to educating and training and mentoring this person. It’s a really fascinating process and one I don’t think I realized i’d enjoy so much.

I’m ready to get my life back. To not just be working CONSTANTLY, on the weekends, at night, late, early…it’s really taken it’s toll on me and my personal life. I’m ready to feel human again. I can feel it all slowly returning to me, this ability to balance life and work. I can remember how it’s supposed to feel…to have a life, not just a job. I’m not sure I was aware of how much I’d been taking on and how apparently I actually do need help…I’m not superman nor do I want to be. 

Am I making sense here?


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