bagel kabobs?

File under you can’t go home again…

This morning I had my annual visit to the doctor and afterwords, as I do every year, I was going to treat myself to a bagel and coffee from the bagel shop that I used to work at in high school. It used to be a Chesapeake Bagel Bakery but those have all gone the way of the dodo…it eventually became some other sort of café, but still sold/made bagels as they had a large, rotating 5-shelf oven in the back. Come to find this morning, it’s now a kabob place. Yup. No bagels to be found. But meat on a stick, in spades.

This comes at a particularly bitersweet time as today is the day my parents leave the area. They’re going to the closing on their Virginia house this morning and have already closed on their new house in Tennessee. This morning on my way to the now defunct bagel shop I drove by the apartment complex where we slept for a few nights when my mother, my sister and I first joined my father in the area back in 1986. Little pieces of a puzzle that when assembled make up the story of my life. 

I ended up hitting a different bagel shop on Route 7 that has apparently been there since right before I graduated high school and enjoyed a dang tasty everything bagel with scallion cream cheese. Starting a new tradition on the day when my parents lives shift in a different direction.

Change, while daunting, intimidating and sometimes downright scary, is a necessary evil. It enables us to grow, to learn and, in my case, to find new bagel bakeries. 

Happy Friday.

6 thoughts on “bagel kabobs?

  1. I’ve been having some real blast-from-the-past experiences lately, between visiting camp and finding mid-’90s friends on Facebook. So little food is left in my parents’ area from when I was in high school that I tend to get attached to the places I visit around there now instead.

    Where in Tennessee are they going? I love eastern TN, around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

  2. @MHA – it’s interesting to discover what has actually been there all along…making new memories.
    They’re moving to Knoxville, where my mom’s from. There’s still a lot of family in that area.

  3. I wonder what they did with the bagel cooker. Those things are massive and special, from my one experience with them.

  4. Don’t mean to be nosy, and honestly I understand if it’s too personal. Where’d you go to high school? I went to high school somewhat near Route 7.

    And I’m sad that Chesapeake Bagel Bakery is gone. I didn’t know that. 😦

    I know what you mean about change. Yes, I’m younger and yadda yadda. I accept that to many I am still a kid. Recently I went back to my high school and it was just strange to see and hear how things have changed. The whole area has built up. And then I went back to my old house where I lived with my dad. Someone else lives there now… and seeing what they did with it was a weird experience unto itself.

  5. I’m not sure why, Beth, but I got a little teary-eyed reading that your parents are leaving Virginia. I guess Kabobs are a sign of the times.

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