entitlement…and apparent disconnect

According to the nice folks over at dictionary.com, entitlement means the state of being entitled. Well, that was helpful, let’s see what they have to say about the word entitle…ok, they say entitle means to give a person or thing a title (duh), right or claim to something; furnish with grounds for laying claim. That makes a lot of sense as the word title is in entitle. I suppose my question about all of this, and what I’m getting at, is what makes people feel that they have the right to something…I mean, what are we really entitled to. Sure, certain positions in a company will entitle you to benefits, compensation…in my company we are entitled to a safe workplace with locked storage…I feel as though I’m entitled to clean drinking water and access to a restroom here in my building, sure. But I feel like some people think they are owed so much more in this world. I suppose some are just complainers. Never happy. Never feeling like they are getting what’s owed to them as living, breathing human beings. . .always needing everything served to them on a silver platter, with a mother of pearl spoon. 


I started this post around 8:30 this morning and upon coming back to it, I’m realizing that I don’t have the foggiest as to where I was actually going with all of this. I think I was just irritated with the attitude of some of the folks I deal with first thing in the morning. . .kind of a “where do you get off” kind of vibe. 

Now that I’m actually finding a brief (very) moment in my work day to stop and attempt to continue this train of thought, I find myself incapable of the analysis I’m apparently so much better at by dawns early light. I’m such a typical morning person.

In other tangiential news, I’m really looking forward to running into some folks I haven’t seen in quite some time tomorrow night at Ft. Reno. A little live music will be a much needed respite from the insanity of my workweek. 

This is really the state of my mind right now. Little snippets here and there that don’t quite connect. Must be why I’m twittering more than I’m writing this week. Just hoping to get the thoughts out there in hopes that at some point I can elaborate and breathe life into these scattered ideas.


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