sleep unslept–no thanks to Edward Norton.

I had the best of intentions. My head hit the pillow earlier than in previous nights, around 10pm, thus ensuring 8 blissful hours of much needed sleep. It was a rather sultry evening, but for some reason the bed and bedroom were actually feeling comfortable, inviting, capable of allowing me to sleep uninhibited by the veil of sweat that usually goes along with hot summer nights. I drifted off rather quickly, which was nice. Some nights the noises outside, the twitching of the dog or the snoring of the husband set the wheels in my brain to turning, thus preventing me from falling asleep without recapping the entire day and pre-capping the next one. 

Then the dreams started.

Ever have a night where regardless of the number of hours you actually sleep, you awake feeling as though you haven’t slept a wink? Yeah. That was last night. 

In the course of eight hours I dreamt that my parents house, where I was apparently sleeping, was being robbed by my father’s brother, who was played by Edward Norton. Ed Norton pointed a gun to my head and told me to shut up. In my dreams. Not exactly sure why he was breaking into my parents house, or what he was there to steal, but there he was, with a masked accomplice, going through files and cabinets and shelves. And telling me to shut up. I recall, in the dream, hearing noises prior to the break-in. Noises of someone sawing a hole in a door. I recall going to that door and banging on it to make the noises stop, to scare away whatever or whoever was making these noises. 

I also dreamt that I was driving along the GW Parkway alongside a coworker of mine. In the dream I recall her telling me how she never speeds on the Parkway because it’s a twisty road and she’s unsure of what curve comes next. Also, it’s a scenic road, so why rush it. I recall being behind her in my 2-door Honda Civic, becoming frustrated by the fact that she was observing the speed limit, and going to pass her on the right. At this point, my steering wheel became locked, directing me into a small, flagstone wall barrier which the civic promptly went over, down a small embankment and into the Potomac River. I recall blacking out briefly but having the presence of mind to unlock the doors so that I could attempt to escape the sinking car. 

Needless to say, I was rather exhausted when the alarm went off. As to what all of these drowing, gun to the head, robbery laden dreams mean, one can only guess. Work’s been a little hectic as of late and in spite of my best efforts to keep my stress levels down with yoga, running, weight lifting, bottles of wine…I’m still struggling to keep my head above water. I just wish Ed Norton didn’t have to play a part in pointing out the obvious to me.


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