Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Feeling a little stuck on one track repeat lately. Another neverending stream of days and nights.

This morning I was preparing my EggBeater McMuffin and realized that the action of unwrapping my slice of store-brand, 2% american cheese is something I do, in the same order, in the same way, each weekday. Sometimes certain events overlap or take place slightly out of sequence only to finish the same way, the same results. It reminds me of being in Girl Scouts and singing songs in the round. One person starts out, then the other joins in, starting the song anew, but slightly behind the first person. 

I realize that this all makes for incredibly captivating reading, which is why I’ve felt the lack of desire to write lately. I wake up. I go to the gym. I work. I eat lunch. I work more, often after the time I’m supposed to have left. I go home. I make dinner. I watch baseball/a movie/the dog/husband. I go to sleep. I wake up and do it all over again with little variation on this really flatlined theme. Things will get shaken and stirred when my assistant starts in a little over a week, which will be good. I need something to snap me out of this rut, to free me from the doldrums I’m in, because I feel myself getting stale, and I’m not quite ready to be made into breadcrumbs.


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