four little footsteps that follow me wherever I go…

I’m home today, the fourth day of my deliciously long weekend. I’ve managed to do very little over the last four days while thoroughly enjoying myself and relaxing. It was beyond necessary and needed, this little stretch of R&R, and will set me up quite nicely heading down the stretch with another REALLY busy month at work, culminating in a week-long vacation in Hatteras with my husband’s family mid-August.
As I’ve wandered from room to room in the house today, I keep getting the feeling I’m being followed. Miller seems to like to keep watch over us when we’re at home. Often times he’ll wander into the room you’re in and find a corner to curl up in, other times he’ll repeatedly move between whatever room I’m in and whatever room my husband is in. . .always checking on our wellbeing. I’m sure this actually frustrates him when we’re not in the same room. He can never quite make up his mind as to where he’d rather be. At present, he is curled up on a Crate & Barrel floor cushion in the corner of the spare bedroom directly behind me as I write this. His eyes are shut, his ears are flapped out and up a little bit, and he looks totally at peace. Looks like he’s enjoyed his four-day weekend just as much as I have.


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