much ado about nothing

Whenever I take time off from work, be it one day or an extended weekend such as this one (I’m out of the office until Tuesday…oh, the unbridled joy!), my coworkers always ask me where I’m going, what I’m doing. I understand that curiosity is part of human nature and that we’re all a little on the nosy side, but can’t a girl just take a day or two off for the hell of it?

I get 4 weeks of vacation annually. Until this year it was use it or lose it and as my husband doesn’t have nearly as much vacation time as myself, I typically ended up taking a day off here and there to unwind, relax, extend a weekend, explore our nations capital. . .you get the idea. This year the time off policy changed and we can actually roll unused vacation time into a bank that can only be used for extended leave of three days or more, such as maternity. I’m trying to bank a fair amount (six weeks) of fully paid time in anticipation of potentially (read, I’m NOT pregnant yet) taking extended leave at some point in the next calendar year. That being said, I haven’t taken a whole lot of days off yet in 2008. All work and no play do make Beth a dull girl, I suppose. . .or, rather, a really exhausted one who realized that if she didn’t take a few days off here in July, she wasn’t going to make it sanely to her week long vacation in August. And there you have it. Me, out of the office until Tuesday. Doing very little. Being very happy about it. I’ve got an hour long shiatsu massage scheduled around 11am today, I’m preparing myself to go run on a stretch of the Mt. Vernon trail I’ve been wanting to run on, and that’s about it. Just me, relaxing, resting, charging my batteries. Work’s taken a lot out of me lately. I’ve been giving a LOT of myself to my job and my new position. I’ve earned a few days of nothing.

Sucks for my coworkers though. There’s no one else in my office who does what I do, so when I’m out, the work kind of stops. And then it kind of piles up waiting for my return, but I’m not going to think about that today. 

In other news, the word came yesterday from my corporate office that my assistant’s paperwork has been approved. They gave me the task of calling her yesterday and offering her the position. It was pretty exciting to be able to call someone and offer them their first real job out of college. I was beyond giddy at the prospect and a little intimidated as well, I mean, what if she said no. I would’ve been crushed, it was like asking someone to the prom or out on a date. You want approval, validation, acceptance. . .not rejection. Thankfully she said yes. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to have someone else in the office that gets what I do, that does what I do, that feels my frustrations. Then I started thinking, fresh out of college, class of 2008. . .which means she graduated high school the year I got married. Folks I interact with in my office building outside of my office, mainly folks I see at the gym, told me to get used to it. You don’t get any younger. . .but the people entering the work force do. She was 12 when I started working for this company. Yeah, I suppose I am getting older, never “old” though. That’s a state of mind.

I’d better hit the pavement if I plan to get this run in before my massage. I’d hate to miss out on prime running time (early morning, less heat). Why does the internet have to be so darn addictive?


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