in brief…

my very brief observation for the day actually came from yesterday afternoon, when I stopped by the restroom on my way out of the office. 

Three of the four toilets were unflushed.

I suppose some people leave flushing to the professionals? Can that many folks have forgotten to wash away the evidence of their repose? I’m half tempted to make a sign and tape it to the vanity mirror in there and have it say, this restroom is for professional flushers only. Non-union flushers need not apply. 

Is there some sort of phobia of flushing? I understand not touching the little flushing lever with your hands, but is it that hard to just lift your leg up and tap the wand? Shouldn’t it be automatic by now, part of the process of relieving oneself? Or perhaps folks need step by step instructions printed on a placard on the rear of the stall door. . .step one, wipe. step two, deposit toilet tissue in the bowl. step three, flush. This may be achieved by depressing the small metal wand at the rear of the toilet apparatus. 

It’s not hard folks. It’s definitely not rocket science.

Now back to your regularly scheduled morning activities… 

One thought on “in brief…

  1. Thanks for sharing your blog. I’ve really been enjoying my daily dose of Beth. I think everyone needs a daily dose of Beth 🙂

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