at the tone, please leave a message…

I feel like a broken record as of late. All work and no play makes Beth a dull girl, I suppose…

The playing I have been doing is rather repetitive as well…baseball games, beer, running…lather, rinse, repeat. 

My brain feels a bit like an answering machine, not fully able to process anything that’s coming at it. . .recording the information to be played back at a later date when the rest of my body can listen and not just hear squawking noises and static.

In hopes of shaking things up a little, I purchased a new bike this weekend. I anticipate using it on the weekends as a secondary form of transportation and would actually like to get some baskets for it so I can use it to go to the farmer’s market on Saturdays. I rode the bike for the first time Saturday afternoon and experienced what it must be like for a dog riding in a car with the windows down…coasting down our street at a pretty good clip, wind blowing through my (helmet covered, of course) hair, big grin on my face…Just feeling free and relaxed and not stressed about work and everything that needs doing. It would be awfully tempting to go for a ride every night if it weren’t so late by the time I got home, lately anyhow. 

The end of all of this stress is near and a nice, three-day weekend looms before me. I’m taking the following friday off as well.  A girl needs her R&R, you know. A little time to recoup, refresh, renew…it will be good. 

Leave me a message, I’ll return your call when I get a chance…



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