moments of sheer joy…

dancing with my chicken, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

My husband came home from work last night a little sad. He had found out that one of his colleagues was killed in a bicycle accident over the weekend. Crushed by a car. She was roughly our age, early 30s. Makes you stop and think. .. think about the little moments day to day that pass by without comment. The smile from a coworker, the hug from a loved one, the nuzzle of the dog wanting attention as you’re resting on the couch. I’ve long been a believer in the idea that we’re put on this planet for a finite and predetermined amount of time. .. and that everything happens for a reason. We can steer our lives down many paths, but the endpoint is more or less there, waiting out in front of us.
With these thoughts in mind, I challenge anyone who stops by here today to find one moment of sheer joy at some moment in their day. To savor that moment. To share it with someone you love, or even with a total stranger. Life is short and if we don’t enjoy the time we have here on this rock, then what’s it all for.



ETA: This photo, by the way, represents me in a surprised moment of joy. The kitchen is my favorite place to unwind, get creative and be a little silly, as is obvious by me dancing with a raw chicken perched atop a can of beer. Thought I should provide some clarification in case folks wondered why I chose this photo to go with this post.

5 thoughts on “moments of sheer joy…

  1. I saw this picture before (obviously I just commented on it) and it’s so perfect for this post. I’m so sorry about your husband’s friend. I, like you, agree on life and its path. I’ve been feeling very down recently, just letting myself get bogged down by little inconsequential crap…

    Thanks for the head’s up reminder about what’s important. I knew what it was, but sometimes it can be easy to forget.

  2. Beth… Thats a pretty profound entry and got me to thinking you are right. Every single day you need to tell those you love that you do care and do love them. Also if you see them in person hug em and hug long. And why find only one moment of joy? Try for as many as possible. Having children really does change a person and makes you see the little happy moments way more. Be it just a smile or your child saying “I love you daddy.” No matter how bad life seems there is joy to be found.

  3. Beth, as soon as I read this post I knew I’d love your blog. I always wish people would take a quick break throughout even the busiest of days and just look around, cherish what’s in front of you…Consider me your newest fan!

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