big headed men with tiny hands…

Washington and Roosevelt, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

It’s not every Sunday one gets to be surrounded by former presidents, sitting in the sun while enjoying a cold beer or two and rooting for the home team, in spite of their less than stellar record, but that’s exactly what my husband and I did yesterday. Our 20 game season ticket package came with 9 Sunday games this year, which is wonderful. Nothing quite like a day game, where you can relax and know you’re not getting home at 11pm. . .I just wish the team would turn it around and start winning a few more, or at least put a few more runs on the board. The Nationals lost 5-3 in their final game against the Texas Rangers, bringing their record to 30-47, the worst in the National League and the second worst in baseball. . .I’ll keep going to games, watching them on TV, following the news and trolling the blogs because I’m a fan and I’ll stand by this team regardless. . .it would just be nice if they’d string together a few wins more than once every 4 weeks. . .
I’m going to hold onto the memory of yesterday, of big headed men with tiny hands and molded foam smiles, throughout the day today as I know it’s going to be another crazy start to a very busy and very week at the office. . .

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