63 degrees and sunny…

After a rough go of it last night, with work getting me down and life in general just sticking it to me, I awoke this morning with one desire…to run outdoors. I’m sure that’s not what most people are thinking at 6am on a Tuesday, but something about the weather being absolutely perfect really made my feet think, ‘hey, let’s go pound the pavement for a few miles?’…So I got up to the office gym just before 7, took a look at the three treadmills, which were all in use, took a look outside and said to myself, when are you going to get another morning like this? Strapped on my sneakers and my shiny red shuffle and took off. . .covering a roughly 2.65 miles in 27 minutes. . .keeping myself going with the tunes and the sunshine and the nature I observed along the way. I have to say, List of Demands by Saul Williams is a great running song, especially when it comes toward the end of my run and I’m needing that extra push that I don’t get without a finish line in front of me. .. heck, even when I’m running w/o an iPod I hear this in my head. 

So I’m going to try to channel the positive energy I got from my beautiful run this morning into the rest of the day. . .I’m going to strive to start everything that needs starting and finish everything that needs finishing…I’m going to be everything to everyone and everything to myself…and I’m probably going to collapse in exhaustion at the end of the day as a result. . .but I can do this. I’m not as weak of a person as I seemed in my head yesterday…there’s no time for moments of weakness, only time to accomplish goals and set new ones. Life is short. Run hard. 


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