unchosen yet welcomed…

I’m feeling a bit rushed and manic this morning, but wanted to get some thoughts from the weekend out and down on paper, so to speak. 

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time with my husbands family, immediate and extended, at the wedding of one of his cousins. I typically see these folks once a year at Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law is one of seven children, each of whom is married with an average of three children, several of whom are also married. It makes for a large and in charge clan of folks, each with a unique personality and collectively posessing a very dominant persona. The brood is loud and fills a room with their laughter and stories and dancing and singing. Put them in a wedding reception situation and they definitely take over. I feel very fortunate to have married into this wacky group of folks who have embraced me as one of their own. I realized this weekend that while you can’t choose your family, sometimes you can get lucky in what you end up with. Mushy but incredibly true. 

And now, I must attend to the massive pile of work in front of me and resume being tugged in 20 different directions…cheers!


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