I’m the last splash…

When I was asked by my good friend Mike if I’d like to go see The Breeders, my first thought was, “what year is it again?”. This marks the third show that I’ve been to this year by a band that has been around a while. First was Bon Jovi back in February, second was The Cure last month. . .I’m not quite sure if I knew the Breeders were still recording (they are, they dropped their new album, Mountain Battles on April 8th). The only album I had ever purchased was Last Splash, back in 92-93 somewhere. Solid album. Cannonball holds up really well, as do Divine Hammer and Drivin’ on 9. (All three of which were played last night). Mike estimated that they played nearly every track off that album. . .which doesn’t surprise me at all since it was their best seller. 

I went solo to the show, meeting up with Mike and Karen down at the 9:30 club, a venue that I don’t consider as often as I should. The crowd was mellow and mixed and not overly large. Plenty of folks there to see the show but definitely not sold out. We took our spot upstairs to the right of the stage on the steps. Nice view, good sound, no one stepping on our toes. Opening band was so-so. . .beers were cold, company was good and I was set to enjoy myself. The Deal sisters and company took the stage. One chord on those guitars, one note from Kim Deal’s mouth, and I was transported back. The thing I always forget about going to see shows at smaller venues is how much I really, truly enjoy myself, hair swinging, hips swaying, getting lost in the music, the beat the lyrics, the feel of it all. You’re really there with the band as opposed to stadium/arena shows where you’re really not. I see now why my husband’s friend Brent goes to so many shows (although not nearly as many as he used to), even by himself. There’s just something so electrifying about really good live music, where the members of the band are into it and the crowd is into it and everything just kind of hums. It all fit really nicely into the trip down early-90’s memory lane I’ve been on lately and was just a great way to release some of the built-up work-related stress that has gotten me bogged down as of late. It was a great, really tight set and just what the doctor ordered. 


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