Beth’s assignments…

Last night I began the task of sorting through these high school notes. I’ve decided that putting them in chronological order is going to be nearly impossible. Instead I’m sorting them by author, which is definitely easier. What this is making me realize is how prolific some of my friends were in their note writing, in spite of the fact that there isn’t really anything of substance in the notes. It’s making me realize that yes, I was indeed once a teenager, complete with my own lingo and abbreviations for everything…that nearly everyone had a nickname my freshman year of high school, including myself…that I actually did have a lot of girlfriends at one point, and dated quite a few guys in those four years (I found notes from every single one of them, and some of the ones that I didn’t date but managed to taunt/flirt with on paper). 

Today’s wide-ruled blast from the past comes from Laurie. She sat next to me in World Civ freshman year and was dating the friend of the guy I was dating at that time. I enjoyed reading this and reliving how I was just utterly distraught by my breakup with that particular guy. . .she provided me with some somewhat timeless advice on how to get over him


Amazing how much of what she’s saying is spot on, great advice for anyone in a relationship situation. Also, like I said, amazing that I had girlfriends. . .something I don’t particularly have many of at this point in my life. Perhaps I should revisit that whole concept? 

Stay tuned for more blasts from the early nineties…


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