a treasure trove of teenage angst…

Yesterday I ran over to my parents house to clear out a few items that have been stored there for quite some time. You see, they’re moving in a little over a month and while they keep claiming that they don’t mind taking my stuff with them down to Tennessee, I’d prefer not to have to retrieve these items at a later date. I watched what my father and my mother went through when my grandfather passed away, all of the stuff that they had to go through. And that was only his stuff. I just didn’t see any point in them schlepping my wedding dress several hundred miles away, much less boxes of paper from highschool.

So the most interesting item that I took from the closet in my bedroom there was a beat up old briefcase, stuffed with notes. Passed notes. From high school (and a few from middle school). Yes, I kept pieces of notebook paper, some college rule, some wide. . .some with scraggly edges that were torn from spiral notebooks, some on little cute notepads. . .some folded like tuxedo shirts, some just crumpled and reflattened and folded into a square. This collection of unbelievable teenage angst and overblown dramas provided me with much entertainment yesterday afternoon, allowing me to get completely and totally distracted and lost in my younger years. The project I have set forth for myself this summer is to scan each and every one of these notes and back them up to DVD. . .providing a catalogue of the crazy antics of me as a teenager, every interaction with nearly every guy I dated in high school. . .fallouts with groups of friends, he said she saids. . .That combined with a few composition books that I used as journals my junior and senior year of high school provide very interesting reading, at least to me. Reading through some of these notes and remembering things that I had definitely forgotten allowed me to plug in gaps that have existed for a while. I suppose it’s true that when we remember the past, we tend to remember the good times. Some of these notes provided insight into the more drama-filled episodes in my life. It’s all really fascinating. I can see, quite clearly, the points at which my eyes were opened to a lot of things.  I look forward to scanning, and definitely sharing here, a little piece of my own personal angst-filled years. Can’t wait…


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