Five miles isn’t that far, is it?

Rock the House 8K Fairfax, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

Yesterday morning, after much hydration Saturday (didn’t touch a drop of alcohol and ate really light as well), I got up, drove over to the Fairfax County Government Center and participated in the Rock the House 8K, benefitting Alternative House. It was already in the 80s by the time the 8am start time rolled around, and the humidity was really oppressive. I’d say it felt like it was in the mid nineties. I’d never been more happy to have prepared my body for a race. . .had I not drank as much water and powerade zero the day before, and more the morning of, I doubt I would’ve been able to cross the finish line. My parents showed up and were waiting at the turn between mile one and two, just before the first water station. Always ready with the camera in hand, she snapped a few photos of me sweating my ass off, looking lovely as always while all of my muscles and facial blub bounce around. Immediately following this photo, I dumped two cups of water over my head in an attempt to cool down, so I’m actually quite glad that they were standing where they were. I ran the first two miles solidly, clocking in just over 20 minutes for that leg. . .but after that there were definitely periods of walking. I’m trying to figure out exactly how I ran an entire 10K and an entire 8K earlier this year and lately I have to stop and walk. I’m not going to give myself too much grief here because seriously, it was dangerously hot out there. . .and I was doing my best to listen to my body and take care of it while propelling myself along at a good pace. I finished in 56:24, three minutes slower than I ran the St. Patrick’s Day 8K. But it was in the upper 30’s that morning. . .I don’t think I’ll ever complain about running in the cold again. I’d much rather layer and remove than be a completely wet rag by the time I cross the finish line.
This will definitely be the last race I run until September. I’ll keep up with my running, inside when it’s too hot and outside when I can stand it, but I don’t forsee any races taking place in the near future that would be doable with summer upon us.
I continue to be amazed at my body’s capacity for physical activity. 5 years ago, when I smoked a pack a day, I doubt I could’ve run 1 mile, let alone 5.


2 thoughts on “Five miles isn’t that far, is it?

  1. @what liz said…
    Thanks! I felt like I was insane while running the race, but I’m always glad that I’ve done it. Congrats yourself on your Express mention:)

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