Bobbles away…


Can you feel the excitement, originally uploaded by dharmabumx.

The day had finally arrived. June 5th had been circled and starred on my calendar since we got the schedule. . .I had taken off work early so that I could be there in plenty of time and not be denied that which I coveted. Indeed, it was Ryan Zimmerman bobblehead day at Nationals Park and I, along with my husband, were there to collect the tiny, plastic likeness of my favorite Nat. This particular photo most clearly captures the glee with which I floated into the ballpark yesterday afternoon, in spite of the hot, humid air and the fact that the team was performing rather poorly as of late.
The night ended up in extra innings and a walk-off homer driven by the arms of Elijah Dukes (really) to give the Nats a victory in their second game of the day against the Cardinals, making the series score 1-2 (like I said, not playing so well lately. I’ll take what I can get though) Thank god.
All in all, Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead Day was lovely, totally worth celebrating, and made me crazy happy:). Now if I didn’t feel a touch hungover this morning, I’d be dreaming happily about all of the joy of yesterday. . . thank god it’s friday.


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