a monday state of mind…

I wouldn’t exactly classify what’s going on in my brain today as having a case of the Mondays. . .but, I’d definitely say there’s something a tad off about my state of mind. I did manage to walk to the right office this morning after Friday’s move, as concerned as I was that I would somehow be on autopilot and just plop myself into my old desk. . .but I haven’t felt “on” all day. . .feeling scattered and not at all like my office-self. I’m wondering if the hour-long nap I took during the Nationals’ terrible showing on their way out of Phoenix threw me. I’ve never been much of a napper. . .however Sunday afternoons, particularly when the light gets slightly dim and the clouds roll in, make me fairly groggy. I’m never quite right after I wake up from a nap. Disoriented, foggy and feeling generally in a funk.

I’m actually wondering if it’s all of the hats that I’m currently wearing that is wearing me out. As I lie in bed last night, drifting off, I realized that I’m currently doing the job of three people. . .and while I’m a great juggler, in a work setting, I’m not sure if I’m able to give my full attention to any of the things I’m currently responsible for. I’m sure I’ll settle into these new roles eventually, but I still feel a bit befuddled by all that’s on my plate and I’m never quite sure which to do list to hit first. But then again, could just be Monday taking its toll. 


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