change of scenery…

I spent the majority of my day relocating my office a total of about 50 feet. I’m now seated in a much larger space which I will eventually be sharing with my assistant (oooh, I like the ring of that). From my perch on the 8th floor, I can look directly out the window toward trees and other office buildings without turning my chair. This is something I’ve never had the luxury of. While I’ve worked in offices with windows for most of my time with the company, I’ve never really been able to just stare longingly at the outside world. I fear this may be a blessing and a curse as I can get sidetracked fairly easily.  In any event, I’m rather enjoying my change of scenery, although I’m rather exhausted from all of the bending and lifting and moving and rearranging of my work life. It was quite amazing to realize how much crap I’ve amassed in my time in this particular office. . .5 years in this position, 1.5 in this office, and 4 office-sized trashcans full of debris. I’m apparently a bit of a pack rat when it comes to my office environment. I don’t think I ever realized how much the various parts of my life overlap and how much of that I keep in my office. Seriously. It was a little overwhelming. 

Today is my mother’s birthday. I’m looking to escape here in the near future to be able to take her and my father out to dinner at Vegetate. Not that any of us are vegetarian, but I think a meatless meal is something we can all deal with from time to time. So here’s to my mother, another glorious year on this earth, and a wonderful weekend. Cheers.



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