Chili dogs, Lebron and Zim…or how my dreams are telling me that I watch too much sports.

It’s not technically monday and yet it really has that feel to it. I suppose the good news is that tomorrow’s Wednesday. Good in that it’s one day closer to Friday and another weekend. This morning I felt as though I was dropped onto a moving treadmill, running at about 6 mph. . .hit the ground running. My mind woke up about an hour before I needed to and wasn’t exactly keen on letting me get those remaining precious moments of sleep. Instead of dreaming about baseball players that are too young for me and other assorted sports players…

[begin MASSIVE digression/delving into detail: Seriously, one dream last week involved Ryan Zimmerman, Etan Thomas and LeBron James. Nothing like sitting on a large, overstuffed sofa with LeBron having him drop some knowledge on you while watching something on an extremely oversized television while Ryan Zimmerman cries in his truck outside. . .all I can really remember about the dream is that these men were very, very tall. every last one of them. I suppose this is what happens when you spend too much time reading sports articles online and you happen to have a slight fascination with a certain player…so. very. random. I mean, really. Where did Etan Thomas come into all of this. It’s not like the Wizards are in the playoffs anymore. End detailed digression] 

…I was dreaming about plane crashes and dizziness and not feeling right enough in the head to even carry on a simple conversation with my husband. Needless to say, I was more than happy to wake up and remove myself from the horrors of dreamland, dripping with sweat and ready to get the hell out of bed. 

I think in light of last night’s/this morning’s fitful crazy slumber, chili cheese dogs will be a welcome dinner. Who knows what kind of dreams those might bring on. I do know they’ll be quite comforting after a nutty, most likely extended work day.



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