neither here nor there

I haven’t felt completely here since I returned from Houston. I haven’t been able to fall back into step with what I should be doing vs. what else needs to be done. This is really unfortunate as my workload is somewhat heavy right now and deadlines are upon me. . .it has been quite some time since I’ve felt this upside down with my time management. I know that in the end I’ll rise to the occasion, with flying colors, asking all of the right questions and securing all of the correct answers. . .and that I’ll be totally spent by the time this next issue goes to bed. . .and that this vicious cycle of last minute-ness, everything now, everything fast, will continue. . .I really just wish I felt more present, you know?

Perhaps the fact that I haven’t had yoga class in 2 weeks is messing with my balance. Perhaps I need to do some practice on my own because apparently my endorphin happy time at the gym every morning isn’t doing enough to keep me on the up and up mentally. I’m finding the need to summon my inner motivational speaker, my inner organized being. . .I just need to remember where I placed her phone number.

The task at hand is not daunting by any means, it’s all a matter of how to approach this mountain, how to find the simplest and fastest route to the top and dig into the footholds. . .perspective. it’s always about perspective.

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