work, weather, waking up

Woke up this morning to the meditative drip drop of steady rain. I’m going to use the phrase “woke up” rather lightly here, as I’m not entirely sure I’m awake yet, nearly 3 hours after the alarm went off. One would think that the pumping of iron and increasing the heartrate would be a stimulant, but I actually found myself nodding off on some of the universal weight machines this morning. Just resting in between sets. It is days like this that I long for the ability to work from home, although I don’t have nearly as comfortable of a setup in my house. . .just the ability to sit around, in comfy pants and my favorite long sleeve t-shirt, sipping coffee while the dog rests, curled up on his cushion by the sliding glass door. I think it would be a much more productive work environment. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to fight traffic, wouldn’t have to deal with road spray and windshield wipers that don’t have enough intermittent settings to please me, this would be a great peace of mind that would be reflected in my productivity. But then again, if I worked from home, I wouldn’t have access to my free gym membership, wouldn’t have the opportunity to lift weights side by side with a guy who actually confessed to listening to Nick Lachey while doing crunches (he says he just thinks of jessica simpson), I wouldn’t have my fabulous tiger print office chair or my japanese lanterns hanging overhead giving just the right amount of relaxing, ambient light. . .I suppose there are pros and cons to my work situation. I do know that at this point in my life I’d be able to handle the responsibility of working from home, setting a schedule, not goofing off. . .but I’m not sure if I’d ever be able to completely get over the fact that I wasn’t “at work”, in an office, fluorescent lights overhead (but never on in my personal office), the beep of the fax and copier, the shuffle of high-heeled footsteps on linoleum. This is all probably why I don’t fight harder for the right to telecommute. I bring it up on a regular basis but I suppose at the root of it all, a huge part of me enjoys getting out of the house every day, leaving the state I live in to drive to the state I work in, commuting along one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the area, and working alongside some really entertaining people whom I know I wouldn’t ever come into contact with outside of an office environment. 

I hope the rain lets up at some point today. I’m happy for my plants, my garden, the flowers and trees, but I really want to watch baseball (and my boyfriend, Ryan Zimmerman) this evening from the comfort of Section 222, Row P, Seat 1. 



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